Give to Ascension

There are several ways to donate to Ascension:

We offer safe and secure online giving via the online system Realm. Click here or click the Realm logo to make a one-time or recurring gift. Realm is easy to use and allows you to designate the purpose of your gift.

You may write a check and put it in the collection plate or mail it to the church office. Be sure to indicate the purpose on the Memo line, especially if the check is for something other than your regular pledge payment. The office address is:

Church of the Ascension
634 Silver Spring Ave.
Silver Spring, MD 20910

You may put cash in the collection plate or hand-deliver it to the church office. If you are giving cash in fulfillment of a pledge or would otherwise not like your donation to be anonymous, be sure to use a pledge envelope or write your name and donation purpose on the outside of a plain envelope. Please do not send cash in the mail!

Thank you for your financial support of the Episcopal Church of the Ascension. Because of your generosity, you have planted the seeds that enable Ascension to offer ministries for all ages, both within the church, and outside of our doors to the surrounding community and the world. Because you have answered the call to contribute to Ascension, you have strengthened the foundation of our spiritual home so it may continue to grow and thrive as a home for God, from which flows love, healing, peace, and justice for all, particularly for those who are in any need or trouble.